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The European Journal of Transnational Studies (EJOTS) is an interdisciplinary journal that seeks to contribute to a deeper understanding of transnational processes as well as country-specific features. With the tight integration of various disciplines such as economics and political science, sociology, or legal and cultural studies, we want to highlight different aspects of current phenomena and enrich the perspectives of our readers to deeper insights.


Especially important in terms of the thematic focus of the European Journal of Transnational Studies is the scientific exchange between established and new EU member states. EJOTS would like to contribute to the steadily continuing process of European integration and is therefore actively committed to its intensification. Our aim is to promote a common European identity, based on the pluralistic traditions of Europe.

Scientifically based articles and practical relevance are not mutually exclusive. Herein, the European Journal of Transnational Studies sees its central task: the transfer of expertise to social multipliers. Our aim is to build bridges and contribute to a substantial deepening of existing knowledge. Thereby we want to shape and inspire political, cultural, and economic discourses in our society.











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March, 1st for Spring Issue

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New edition 

Volume 5 - Issue 2 -

Autumn 2013



ISSN 2061-084X